Management Team

Ingrid Döller-Diem, General Manager

Ingrid Doeller-Diem

Responsible for the smooth operation of EQ in all respects. Efficiently coordinates both initial inquiries and complex scientific requests.
Feel free to contact Ingrid any time
Tel.: +43 / (0)1 / 47654 – 99304 or +43 / (0)676 / 451 66 64


Dr. Doris Schmidt, Business Manager

Tel.: +43 / (0)664 / 885 86 598


Scientific Competence Pool

Meet our experts from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, who will be happy to assist you. Whenever you need advice on the best performance of your rented equipment or want to jointly develop a whole experiment, our experts will be pleased to support your project.



Prof. Stephan Hann

Prof. Stephan Hann

Expertise: Water analysis, Environmental sciences, Food analysis, Soil sciences
Methods: Mass spectrometry, Analytical chemistry, Spectroscopy

Tel.: +43 / (1) 47654 – 77186


Dr. Tim Causon

Dr. Tim Causon

Expertise: Separation science, Sample preparation strategies, Method Development, Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry
Methods: Environmental and metabolomic analysis via targeted and non-targeted approach

Tel.: +43 / (1) 47654 – 77187


Cell Sorting

Karin Kohlweiss

Methods: Flow cytometry, Cell sorting

Tel.: +43 / (1) 47654 – 16843




Prof. Friedrich Altmann

Prof. Friedrich Altmann

Expertise: Glycobiology, Biochemical analysis, Mass spectrometry of biomolecules, Glycoimmunology, Allergies
Methods: Liquid chromatography electrospray-mass spectrometry (LC-ESI-MS), Bottom-up proteomics, Shot-gun proteomics, Quantitative proteomics, Intact protein analysis, Glycopeptide analysis, Isomer sensible N- and O-glycan analysis, Detection of carbohydrate specific antibodies in the context of allergy diagnosis

Tel.: +43 / (1) 47654 – 77262



Prof. Katja Sterflinger-Gleixner

Prof. Katja Sterflinger-Gleixner

Expertise: Ecophysiology of fungi, Biology in protection of listed monuments, Molecular taxonomy of fungi and black yeasts, Mycology, Geomicrobiology, Biology in buildings, Environmental emulation
Methods: Sequencing of genomes and transcriptomes, Bioinformatic analysis, Characterization of pathogenic organisms for medical data

Tel.: +43 / (1) 47654 – 79862

Environmental Emulation

Christian Voitl

Christian Voitl

Expertise: Extreme Climate Chamber
Methods: Exposing microorganism to various extreme conditions (UV, temperature, ozone, …)

Tel.: +43 / (1) 47654 – 79875


Biomolecular Analysis

Prof. Christian Obinger

Tel.: +43 / (1) 47654 – 77273


Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Irene Schaffner

Tel.: +43 / (1) 47654 – 77231, 77278


Prof. Florian Rüker

Tel.: +43 / (1) 47654 – 79868
E-mail: florian.rü


Metabolic Engineering

Prof. Diethard Mattanovich

Expertise: Recombinant protein expression in microorganisms, Metabolic engineering, Yeast genetics
Methods: Fermentation (Batch, Fed-Batch, Continuous cultivations)

Tel.: +43 / (1) 47654 – 79042


Thermal Gravimetric Analysis

Prof. Erik Reimhult

Prof. Erik Reimhult

Expertise: Colloids, Biointerfaces, Nanomaterials and self-assembled materials, Biomedical nanoparticles, Biosensors and analysis, Biomimetic membranes
Methods: Micro- and Nano Material Analysis, Thermogravimetry Analysis and Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Tel.: +43 / (1) 47654 – 80211


Food & Bio processing

Prof. Henry Jäger

Tel.: +43 / (1) 47654 – 75233


Water Analysis

Dipl-Ing. Mag. Dr. Christine Sindelar

Tel.: +43 / (1) 47654 – 81644


Dipl-Ing. Dr. Petr Lichtneger

Tel.: +43 / (1) 47654 – 81607




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