VIBT-Extremophile Center

At the VIBT-Extremophile Center the molecular and cellular mechanisms of stress resistance in microorganisms are investigated with the aim of utilizing them for biotechnology. The focus is on “Black Yeasts” and “Microcolonial Fungi” that endure the most extreme environmental conditions such as strong UV light, desiccation, radioactivity and extreme concentrations of ozone.
At EQ, the VIBT-Extremophile Center uses the following facilities:

Extreme Climate Chamber
Sequencer – Ion ProtonTM
Thermogravimetric Analysis / Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Parallel Bioreactor System
Bioprocess Control System BioFlow 320

Potential partner projects

  • Development of biological anti-oxidants, cell protectants and anti-aging products
  • Development of novel anti-mycotica

Improvement of expression strains (increasing resistance against both osmotic and temperature stress)

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