Dynamic Light Scattering Spectrometer

Zetasizer Helix

Characterize secondary and tertiary structure.
The dynamic light scattering platform is coupled with Raman spectroscopy for protein size and structural determination. Together, these two measurements provide unique insights into colloidal and conformation stability of biopharmaceutical products. The data derived is an effective tool to develop product understanding, necessary in implementing a Quality by Design strategy. Ultimately, the ability to probe the mechanisms, not just the results, of product agglomeration can be used to improve biopharmaceutical formulations.

Zetasizer Helix. Malvern. Obtained 2017.
The system has a DLS light source (He-Ne Laser 633nm, Max 10mW) and a Raman light source Diode (Laser 785nm, Max 280mW at the sample). The spectral performance is 150cm-1 to 1850cm-1 6cm-1 resolution. Furthermore, 4 data collection modes are possible: Isothermal incubation, Temperature ramp, Temperature jump, Sample / formulation series.


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