Acoustic Doppler System

Acoustic Side Looking Doppler System

AcousticSide-LookingDopplerSystemFlow mechanics when it’s getting turbid.
The Acoustic Side Looking Doppler System is an excellent alternative for measuring flow velocities in turbid flows where light-based techniques reach their limitations. Using the Doppler effect, the system provides velocity profiles consisting of nine 2D velocity vectors.

OTT Side Looking Doppler probe

3x OTT SLD Sensor

  • Ultrasonic frequency 2MHz
  • Velocity range +/- 10 m/s
  • Profiling range max. 10 m
  • Measurement cell size 0.2 – 2 m
  • Measurement cell number max. 9
  • Water level sensor

OTT SLD EasyUse Software

  • Processing of stream-wise and span-wise velocities, computing of discharge

OTT netDL data logger

  • In-situ data acquisition, logging and transfer

4x pressure probe OTT PLS

  • Relative water level 0 – 4 m

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