Flow Cytometer

High-speed Cell Sorter

Highspeed CellsorterFast & precise cell sorting.
EQ’s high-speed cell sorter sets standards for cell sorting with functionality, speed and improved sensitivity. It allows for fast separation of cells according to their metabolic, physiological or other characteristics. It is suitable for selection and cloning of high-producing cell lines for cell line development or for isolation of patient cells for medical applications. In combination with other EQ instruments, it can be used to analyze the metabolome or proteome of defined subpopulations within a population.

MoFlo Astrios. Beckman Coulter. Obtained 2012.
The MoFlo Astrios is a high-speed cell sorter with improved sensitivity. Equipped with five lasers, the instrument can analyze up to 13 size and fluorescence parameters. Isolation of cells with defined properties for subsequent culture or further analysis is possible both in bulk and into microtiter plates and allows in-depth studies of cellular phenotypes. Biosafety aerosol containment enables sterile sorting of up to six subpopulations for cell line development.


Cell Analyzer

Easy and fast characterization of cells.
The system can perform multicolor assays with a wide dynamic range of fluorescence intensities and high resolutions. An easy setup of experiments and automated walk-away processing gives researchers maximum comfort and flexibility.

Gallios Flow Cytometer. Beckman Coulter. Obtained 2011.
It is equipped with 6 colors/2 lasers and can analyze up to 12 parameters. The forward scatter allows up to 3 measurements of forward angle and the side scatter has an independently-focused photodiode with electronic attenuation.  The flow cell consists of a 150 x 460 µM rectangular quartz gel coupled with 1.2 NA lens.

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