Isothermal Titration Calorimeter

MicroCal PEAQ-ITC Automated

Understanding biomolecular interactions.
Allows label-free in solution measurement of binding affinity and thermodynamics and determination of binding constants (KD), reaction stoichiometery (∆n), enthalpy (∆H) and entropy (∆S) in single experiment. The technique is based on the measurement of heat change when two molecules interact. This is done by the measurement of the differential power, that is applied to the cell heaters to maintain zero temperature difference between reference and sample cell, over time.
Key benefits are exceptional sensitivity covering a broad dynamic range with a low sample consumption resulting in high quality data that is rich in information.

MicroCal PEAQ-ITC Automated. Malvern. Obtained 2017.
The system allows to run four 96-well plates fully automated, with a total capacity of 384 samples. It is equipped with three heaters, a reference calibration heater, a sample calibration heater and a cell main heater which operate at a temperature range between 2°C to 80°C. High sensitivity allows measuring sub-millimolar to picomolar dissociation constants (10-2 to 10-12 M) with as low as 10µg of protein.

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