Benchtop Sequencer

BenchtopSequencerHigh-throughput sequencing made easy.
The system minimizes the work and complexity of high-throughput sequencing. It enables high-quality exome and transcriptome sequencing in just a few days. Sequencing up to 10 Gb per run is possible. The system combines semiconductor sequencing technology with biochemistry. This entirely eliminates the need for optics and complex sequencing chemistries. Furthermore, the Ion Chef System provides automated library preparation, template preparation, and chip loading.

ION PROTONTM. Life Technologies. Obtained 2012.
Chip-based semiconductor sequencing enables the individual scaling of runs according to specific research needs. The Ion PI™ Chip provides 40–80 M reads, enabling the sequencing of 1–3 human exomes or 1–8 human transcriptomes per run. The output can be up to 10 Gb large with individual reads of up to 200 bp.

Benchtop Sequencer

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