Surface Plasmon Resonance

Biacore T200

Characterization of biomolecular interactions.
Enables a label-free measurement of association (kon)and dissociation (koff) constants for all kinds of proteins (low and high molecular mass), DNA, RNA, lipids, cells, viruses and polysaccharides in different environments. The measurement is based on surface plasmon resonance, an optical technique which allows exceptional sensitivity, reliability and precision.
It can be used for a broad range of applications which include Kinetics/affinity characterization, kinetics/affinity screening, single-cycle kinetics, LMW interaction analysis, fragment screening, epitope mapping, immunogenicity, concentration analysis, calibration-free concentration analysis, thermodynamics, comparability, sample recovery MS.

Biacore T200. GE Healthcare. Obtained 2017.
The system has a capacity of 384 samples including an autosampler, that allows unattended operation up to 48h. Extraordinary sensitivity make it possible to work with a sample concentration of as little as 1pM and up to 2 mM. The affinity range lies between 10 fM and 1 mM. The broad temperature range between 4°C and 45°C further enables the study of thermodynamic parameters.

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