At EQ we also offer a wide range of services to guarantee our customers maximum performance and accuracy for all our equipment. We are equally happy to support you with tasks that are clearly defined and might need only a few hours on a single instrument or with complex projects that require the coordinated use of several of EQ’s devices.
Take advantage of the vast range of equipment and expertise available at EQ.
Services that we offer include:


Gas and Liquid Chromatography Combined With Tandem and High-resolution Mass Spectrometry

  • Highly accurate, targeted quantification of metabolites in biotechnological and biological samples based on stable isotope internal standardization
  • Non-targeted (differential) metabolomics workflows
  • Determination of isotopologue and tandem mass isotopomer fractions for metabolic flux analysis
  • Environmental analysis (e.g. non-target pollutant screening and tracing, exposomics)
  • Method development expertise for mass spectrometry-based analysis in metabolomics and environmental analysis
  • Scientific support for all stages of analytical study design, method planning and execution


 Cell Sorting and Cell Analyses

  • Separation based on metabolic state or other cellular properties
  • Multiparameter analyses


 Genomics, Transcriptomics and Proteomics

  • Sequencing of genomes and transcriptomes
  • Diagnostics for pathogenic fungi
  • Characterization of pathogenic organisms for medical data
  • Bioinformation analyses (metagenomes, transcriptomes, genomes)
  • Proteomics and quantitative proteomics (TMT-labelling)
  • Glycoprotein-Analytics
  • Protein measurements & characterization
  • Middle down MS of antibodies



  • Analyses of environmental impact (stress factors) on bacteria, yeasts and filamentous fungi
  • Batch cultivations
  • Fed-Batch cultivations
  • Continuous cultivations


Thermogravimetry Analysis and Differential Scanning Calorimetry

  • Organic content analysis, thermal decomposition studies of organic and hybrid materials


Water Analysis

  • Laser-optical measurements of flow, sediment, bubbles, concentration, temperature etc. and flow visualization
  • Flow velocities and discharge measurements and calibrations
  • Turbidity and suspended solids measurements
  • Velocity measurements
  • Displacement and tension measurements of objects and surfaces
  • Development and manufacturing of hydrodynamic models
  • Process and signal diagnostics, electro technical inspections and repairs
  • Hydropower diagnostics
  • Static pressure and water level measurements
  • Temporal and long term data acquisition


Micro and Nano Material Analysis

  • Particle size, morphology and distribution studies
  • Particle / colloid size and charge determination
  • Nanoscale and microscale imaging
  • Biointerface and affinity measurements
  • Optical spectroscopy and quantitative absorbance and fluorimetry measurements
  • Cell and bacteria sample preparation for microscopy
  • Contact angle and pendant drop (surface energy/tension) measurements


Preservation and Aseptic Processing

  • Conventional and advanced thermal preservation
  • Development of gentle, non-thermal preservation concepts for liquid and semi-solid matrices
  • Advanced surface decontamination for contact materials and solid matrices
  • Physical, chemical and sensory product quality analyses
  • Evaluation of storage stability and product shelf life testing
  • Monitoring of inactivation mechanisms for vegetative cells and bacterial endospores
  • Study of viable but non-culturable cells and physiological characterization of sub-lethally injured sub-populations
  • Validation of preservation processes and establishment of validation concepts
  • Cross contamination studies
  • Hygiene monitoring, hygienic design, development of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization protocols, study of biofilms on various contact surfaces, HACCP verification
  • Analysis of food-chain related bacteria – identity, characteristics and safety
  • Tailoring of cultural and molecular methods
  • Case-related analytics of specific bacteria
  • Antibiotic resistance testing
  • In-vitro screening of novel antimicrobial substances
  • Development and safety evaluation of starter cultures and probiotics

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