Advanced Mass Spectrometers


LC-IMS-Q-TOF MSOne system. Three dimensions.
This system offers the advantage of three dimensions of separation in a single measurement. It combines the power of high-performance liquid chromatography, new ion mobility technology, and a high-resolution accurate mass system. It is well suited for resolving structural isomers, increasing peak capacity, finding and confirming minor components and preserving protein conformations.

Series 6560 LC-IMS-QTOFMS. Agilent Technologies. Obtained 2015.
This is a new generation ion mobility-mass spectrometry system. In addition to the more conventional TOF and QTOF systems, this instrument introduces an additional analytical dimension, i.e. the drift time or collisional cross-section of a compound, which is highly beneficial for the identification of unknown compounds as well as for addressing challenging separations of isomers.
This system offers a mass accuracy of 1 ppm with a spectral resolution of up to 40 000 and is equipped with a robotic sample preparation device enabling on-line sample preparation steps such as derivatization, clean-up or pre-concentration via solid phase extraction.



Nano-LC-MS MSSensitive quantification of small samples.
Ideally suited for the identification and characterization of proteins and other biomolecules.
Nanoscale liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry (Nano-LC-MS/MS) allows for the quantitative analysis of low femtomolar amounts of molecules even from minute sample volumes.

Nano-LC-ESI-MS/MS. Bruker. Obtained 2012.
The instrument consists of a Dionex RSLC (rapid separation liquid chromatography) unit that can operate gradient elution of nano-columns with sub-2 μm particles in order to achieve short analysis times or highest chromatographic resolution.
The detector is a Bruker Maxis 4G, which is among the most sensitive mass spectrometers on the market, and the Q-TOF MS with the highest currently achievable resolution (60,000 FWHM) and mass accuracy (sub ppm).
The instrument can also be equipped with an ETD source allowing an alternative fragmentation technique, e.g. for peptides with post-translational modifications.



LC-MS MSSensitive, fast, and robust quantification.
Liquid chromatography combined with tandem mass spectrometry offers sensitive, fast, and robust quantification of a variety of molecule types. The system also allows the determination of isotopologues and isotopomer ratios in metabolic flux analysis. This system is ideal for compound quantification using multiple reaction monitoring covering concentrations over six orders of magnitude.

TSQ Vantage Triple Quadrupole LC-MS/MS. Thermo Fisher Scientific GmbH. Obtained 2012.
The system consists of a 1200 bar Accela HPLC System for ultra-fast separations, electrospray or atmospheric pressure chemical ionization ion source options and a fast scanning MS/MS.



LC TOF MSExceptional performance.
This is a robust accurate mass system which is used for first-step non-targeted analysis, but also high resolution mass confirmation and quantification over a moderate dynamic range. It offers exceptional sensitivity, excellent mass accuracy, fast data acquisition, and streamlined qualitative and quantitative analyses. It meets your most challenging analytical needs in metabolomics, proteomics, impurity testing, food safety, and environmental analyses.

Series 6230 LC TOF MS. Agilent Technologies. Obtained 2015.
This system provides a mass accuracy below 1 ppm and, in connection with the Agilent Mass Hunter Software portfolio, is an ideal tool for non-targeted analysis with statistical analysis and database searching.



Highest performance with best-in-class sensitivity.
Gas chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry yields high-quality analytical performance particularly in regard to discrimination against chemical matrix background and detection of targets. Uses just-in-time derivatization to yield fast and robust quantitative results.

7010B Triple Quadrupole GC/MS System. Agilent Technologies. Obtained 2017
The system is equipped with a robotic sample preparation device from Gerstel enabling fully automated two-step derivatization procedures. It supports electron ionization and chemical ionization in combination with a fast scanning MS/MS, which offers enhanced resolution for precursor isolation.



GC-Q-TOF MSHigh resolution. Wide mass range.
The instrument delivers high sensitivity and selectivity with the added value of accurate mass and high-resolution information for identity confirmation of unknown compounds as well as retrospective data analysis. It is also well suited for selective isotopologue analysis over a wide mass range.

Series 7200B GC-QTOFMS. Agilent Technologies. Obtained 2014.
The system is equipped with a robotic sample preparation device from Gerstel enabling fully automated two-step derivatization procedures. Using an identical sample preparation robot allows simple and easy transferring of methods between GC-MS/MS and GC-QTOFMS. The high-resolution QTOFMS provides a mass accuracy better than 5 ppm.


Accurate and fast identification of microorganism and fungi. 
This system is ideal for accurate mass determination of biomolecules. It includes the full package of the MALDI Biotyper (MBT) Software and many libraries with exact defined reference spectra. Therefore reliable identification of microorganism and filamentous fungi can be achieved within minutes in a cost efficient way. Furthermore, the detection of beta-lactamase activity in bacteria is possible.

Microflex LT/SH MALDI-TOF System. Bruker. Obtained 2017.
Benchtop MALDI-Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometer for accurate mass determination of bio-molecules. Includes gridless microSCOUT™ MALDI ionsource with extended pulsed ion extraction PAN™ mass range focusing; integrated source cleaning without the need of venting the system; 60 Hz nitrogen laser; TOF analyzer for linear-only measurements with positive acceleration potential TOF MS profile spectra.

Availible Software and Libraries: MBT Compass, MBT Compass Library, Database-CD BTyp2.0-Sec.Library 1.0, MBT FILAMENTOUS FUNGI LIBRARY, MBT Mycobacteria Library, MBT Satellite Modul, MBT STAR-BL SW Bundle, MBT PILOT SYSTEM, MBT Explore Module, MBT Subtyping Module

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