Preservation and Aseptic Processing


  • Conventional and advanced thermal preservation
  • Development of gentle, non-thermal preservation concepts for liquid and semi-solid matrices
  • Advanced surface decontamination for contact materials and solid matrices
  • Physical, chemical and sensory product quality analysis
  • Evaluation of storage stability and product shelf life testing
  • Monitoring of inactivation mechanisms for vegetative cells and bacterial endospores
  • Study of viable but non-culturable cells and physiological characterization of sub-lethally injured sub-populations
  • Validation of preservation processes and establishment of validation concepts
  • Cross contamination studies
  • Hygiene monitoring, hygienic design, development of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization protocols, study of biofilms on various contact surfaces, HACCP verification
  • Analysis of food-chain related bacteria – identity, characteristics and safety
  • Tailoring of cultural and molecular methods
  • Case-related analytics of specific bacteria
  • Antibiotic resistance testing
  • In-vitro screening of novel antimicrobial substances
  • Development and safety evaluation of starter cultures and probiotics

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