Chromatography systems

All-purpose chromatography system

Fast purification of biomolecules.
This all-purpose chromatography system allows purification of biomolecules and simultaneous detection of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, and chromogenic molecules at the mg to g scale with accurate buffer gradients and high-resolution separations.

NGC Quest™ 100 Plus Chromatography System. BioRad. Obtained 2017.
The system includes automated 0.01-100 ml/min pumps that provide accurate buffer gradients for high-resolution separation of biomolecules. Multi-wavelength detector modules (UV/Vis) allow four-wavelength detection at 190–800 nm and salt gradient and conductivity monitoring. An automated sample injection enables the system to load a specific predetermined volume of sample onto a column. The NGC Fraction Collector collects the molecules of interest into any combination of racks for microtiter plates to tubes, bottles, and carboys with are rate up to 200 ml/min.

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