Microplate Reader

Multimode Microplate Reader

All-in-one system for cell analysis.
This system combines several modules allowing multiple reading modes (ELISA Reader, UV/VIS spectrometer, Fluorometer, Luminometer) which allow broad ranges of applications. Furthermore, Spark is equipped with a dispenser, incubator, cell counter and an automated microscope. This system therefore provides an all-in-one solution for multiple tasks and enhances productivity and flexibility for researchers. Applications include nucleic acid and protein quantifications, reporter-gene assays, cell counting, viability assays as well as confluence assessments.

Spark®. Tecan. Obtained 2017.
The spectral range is 200-1000 nm (Absorbance), 370-700 nm (Luminescence) and 230-900 nm (Fluorescence). For incubation, temperature range is  3°C-42°C and integrated gas control modules allow precise control of CO2 and O2 levels. Cell counting and imaging is possible for cells between 4 and 90 µm. Image resolution is > 3µm with a 1.3 MP camera and 4x objective.

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