Biomolecular Analysis


  • Determination of conformational and thermal stability of proteins and other biomolecules
  • Determination of biophysical properties of proteins (oligomeric state, mono/polydispersity, molar mass, hydrodynamic radius) at various conditions (pH, ionic strength, formulation…..)
  • Evaluation of kinetics (konkoff), thermodynamics (KAssKDiss, DG, DH, DS etc.) and stoichiometry of protein-ligand, protein-protein, protein-DNA and protein-lipid interactions
  • Determination of binding modes between biomolecules (mono/multivalent, cooperative or competitive binding)
  • Enzyme kinetic measurements based on calorimetry
  • High-throughput flow-cytometry for analysis of the kinetics and thermodynamics of interaction of proteins (antibodies, biopharmaceutica, inhibitors etc.) with biomolecules on the surface of cells, beads, nanoparticles etc.

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