Bioreactor I + II + III

Multi Fermenter I+II

Small but well equipped.
These parallel bioreactor systems allow for advanced bioprocess control and automation. Parallel processing, precise control of all relevant parameters, user-defined profiles and many automation features result in accelerated and highly efficient process development.

Eppendorf Parallel Bioreactor System. Eppendorf Austria GmbH. Obtained 2012, 2015, 2017.
This multifermenter system offers the possibility of up to four parallel precisely controlled cultivations of bacterial, yeast or fungal strains in small working volumes of between 0.3 and 1 liter. Monitoring and control of external conditions like pH, temperature and oxygen availability enables the study of the impact of environmental fermentation conditions on cellular fitness and stress and consequently on process performance.


Bioprocess Control Station

All-rounder for bioprocesses.
This next next-generation bioprocess control station is designed as a universal platform capable of meeting the ever changing needs of all segments of the biotech and pharmaceutical sciences. It is suitable for all kind of processes including microbial to cell culture, scale up to scale down, or batch to fed-batch process.  It combines attractive industrial design, flexibility and the power to control to give you maximum functionality for bioprocessing in your lab.

Eppendorf BioFlo 320. Eppendorf Austria GmbH. Obtained 2017.
The Eppendorf BioFlo 320 is a benchtop bioprocess system with the flexibility to control autoclavable and single-use vessels in both fermentation and cell culture processes. Each system consists of a control station, operator interface terminal (OIT) and autoclavable vessels. The control station allows control to up to 16 interchangable vessels with a total volume of 40L. It has built in pH, DO, Redox, CO2, temperature, agitation and foam/level control. Up to 6 pumps provide automated feed/harvest strategies. Furthermore, this system can regulate 8 independent gas supplies to meet need for microbial and mammalian cell culture applications.


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