Particle Image Velocimetry

Low-speed Particle Image Velocimetry System

13_Low_Speed_ParticleimageResolve high flow velocities.
Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is a non-intrusive laser optical measurement technique based on the processing of pairs of time delayed images, used for measuring flow velocities. Low-speed PIV allows lower repetitive rates and features low inter-frame times to enable the resolution of high flow velocities. Using a high-power laser the system can illuminate sheets or volumes.

Double-pulse laser Quantel EverGreen

  • Energy Q = 2×200 mJ at repetition rate of 15 Hz
  • Laser wavelength λ = 532 nm
  • With beam adjustor, power attenuator, light guide arm and laser sheet and laser volume optics

3x double frame camera

  • HiSense Zyla sCMOS 5.5MP at 49 fps
  • Dual-gain amplifiers
  • 12-bit and 16-bit modes
  • Nanoseconds inter-frame gap
  • 50 mm F/1.4 lens

Synchronizer (timer box)

PIV software Dynamic Studio

  • PIV, stereoscopic PIV, volumetric PIV, PTV, LIF, PIV/LIV, shadow sizing, several other analysis tools like oscillating pattern decomposition, proper orthogonal decomposition, optical flow analysis etc.

High-performance PC station


High-speed Particle Image Velocimetry system

High-Speed ParticleImageTime-resolved velocity in 2D and 3D.
The high-speed Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) System allows the acquisition of time-resolved velocity fields in 2D and 3D space. Typical high-speed applications begin at 1000 Hz data and may reach tens of kHz at the expense of the spatial resolution. Special high-speed cameras are required.

Double-pulse laser Litron LDY-PIV

  • Energy Q = 2×30 mJ at repetition rate of 1000 Hz
  • Laser wavelength λ = 527 nm
  • With beam adjustor, light guide arm and laser sheet and laser volume optics

4x high-speed double frame camera

  • Imager Pro HS 4M CMOS, 4.0 MP at 1279 fps
  • 12 bit dual-gain amplifiers
  • CamLink framegrabber, 18 GB internal memory
  • 85 mm F/1.4 lens
  • Far-field microscope Questar QM, 56 – 152 cm

High speed synchroniser

  • PTU X

PIV DaVis software

  • PIV, stereoscopic PIV, tomographic PIV, PTV, LIF, PIV/LIF, shadow sizing, several other analysis tools.

Software packages 3D Strain Master and 3D Surface Flow

  • Analysis of position, displacement, share stress, tension, etc.

High-performance PC station

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